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Successful workshop on Biodiversity Metrics for Business and Finance: minutes available

19 October 2018

A workshop on biodiversity metrics for business discussed a range of selected initiatives on the development and application of biodiversity metrics for business 18 September.

Natural capital accounting is rapidly gaining interest at the level of businesses. The demand is therefore growing for generally accepted approaches to measure and value biodiversity performance of a company. While methods to calculate GHG emissions or water consumption in an corporate natural capital assessment are widespread, businesses are struggling to find ways for measuring their biodiversity performance that are on the one hand practical and pragmatic and on the other meaningful and relevant for biodiversity impacts and dependencies.

While attempts to develop biodiversity metrics for business are flourishing, the B@B Platform has taken the initiative to conduct a critical assessment of these (ongoing) efforts, shedding light on the obstacles faced and on remaining gaps. This workshop was an opportunity to share the outcomes of this assessment work and receive feedbacks.

The workshop agenda included the following topics:

Recent developments in the finance sector

Recent developments in the business sector

Minutes are now available and can be downloaded here

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