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Every business impacts on, and depends on, biodiversity and natural capital to some degree, and as a result will experience risks and/or opportunities. These impacts and dependencies create costs and benefits not only for the business, but also for society. The European Commission and the members of the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform agree that there is much to gain both for nature and for businesses from better understanding the interdependencies between business activities and biodiversity and natural capital.

The European Commission has set up the EU B@B Platform in order to work with and to help businesses integrate considerations of biodiversity and natural capital into business practices. The EU B@B Platform represents a unique forum for dialogue on this subject and for business-policy interface at EU level. 

The EU B@B Platform’s objectives are to:

  • Work with businesses to develop tools and approaches that promote the integration of biodiversity and natural capital considerations into business practices;
  • Offer an EU level forum for sustained and strategic dialogue about the links between business and biodiversity; and
  • Promote better communication, increased awareness and improved co-ordination in relation to business and biodiversity activities.

The EU B@B Platform also aims to strengthen the representation of European businesses in key international initiatives and to build synergies amongst national initiatives supporting the integration of biodiversity and natural capital considerations into business practices.

By pursuing its objectives, the EU B@B Platform seeks to protect and conserve biodiversity across the EU and beyond, thereby helping to deliver on the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020. The European Commission believes that businesses have a strong role to play in halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity.

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