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Mission Statement

Every business impacts on, and depends on, nature to some degree, and as a result will experience risks and/or opportunities. These impacts and dependencies create costs and benefits not only for the business, but also for society. The members of the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform agree that there is much to gain both for nature and for businesses from better understanding the interlinks between business activities and nature.

The EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform provides a unique forum for dialogue and policy interface to discuss the links between business and biodiversity at EU level. It was set up by the European Commission with the aim to work with and help businesses measure and integrate the value of nature into business practices.

Through its activities the Platform pursues the following objectives:

  • Supporting the development of methods, criteria and standards that enable to account for the value of biodiversity and the services derived from nature into business decisions (this includes natural capital accounting, a methodology for the quantitative measurement of ecosystem services and their values and their incorporation in the accounting systems of a company);
  • Foster the integration of biodiversity and natural capital into decision-making process of a critical mass of businesses and financial institutions who take action to do “no harm” on biodiversity and improve their resilience.

By pursuing its objectives, the EU B@B Platform contributes to a biodiversity-friendly economy that works for people and planet, and creates business value or reduces risks for businesses. Measuring and integrating the value of nature and its services into business decisions contribute to protecting and conserving biodiversity across the EU and beyond, thereby helping to deliver on the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030.

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