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The EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform provides a unique forum for dialogue and policy interface to discuss the links between business and biodiversity at EU level. It was set up by the European Commission with the aim to work with and help businesses integrate natural capital and biodiversity considerations into business practices.
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Why do businesses need to care about
natural capital and biodiversity?

Every business impacts and depends on natural capital to some degree and will experience risks and/or opportunities associated with these relationships. All of the impacts and dependencies create costs and benefits not only for the business, but also for society. The European Commission and the members of the EU B@B Platform agree that there is a lot to gain for nature and for businesses from better understanding the interdependencies between business activities and natural capital and biodiversity.


The EU B@B Platform works with pioneering companies to develop a set of business tools and approaches that integrate biodiversity considerations into business practice. Our work is focused across three separate thematic workstreams:

News & Insights

More than 300 delegates meet at the European Business and Nature Summit: Watch video and read proceedings of the event
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Growing commitment to biodiversity by the finance sector
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Business for Nature: Consultation Survey open until 30 November
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Why financing is tied to the future of a biodiverse planet
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Biodiversity and the Food Sector – Lunchtime Session at DG ENV on 10 December
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New Nature-based Solutions Handbook from ThinkNature
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Natural Capital Coalition calls for business and financial institutions to pilot the Biodiversity Supplement
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European Investment Bank reflects on the experience from their climate and biodiversity instruments
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Update 2 Report on Assessment of Biodiversity Measurement Approaches for Business and Financial Institutions coming soon – first results available!
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Natural Capital Protocol Training
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Key reports & ongoing initiatives

Assessment of biodiversity accounting approaches for businesses and financial institutions: new report
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Scaling Business and Biodiversity through Innovation and Positive Impact Finance: a paper for financial institutions, businesses and policy makers
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Business members of the CoP F@B publish a “Common Ground” report on a biodiversity footprinting methodology
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The EU Pollinators Initiative: long and short-term objectives to halt the decline of pollinating insects
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