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Beyond GDP

Measuring progress, true wealth, and well-being

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The proceedings capture the contributions of all the presenters at the conference and the workshop and include transcripts of the contributions from the floor and the discussions amongst the panelists.

The proceedings are published in English only. You can watch the conference in German, French (and English) via the video archive and read some speeches in their original language via Presentations.

Download Full Conference Proceedings [pdf, 11mb]

Download proceedings by section:

Summary Notes from the Beyond GDP Conference [pdf, 0.2mb]

Batch 1 [pdf, 1.0MB] Opening and Conference Session 1: Measuring progress, true wealth, and well-being
Batch 2 [pdf, 2.1MB] Conference Session 2: Insights from practice
Conference Session 3: New measures of progress
Batch 3 [pdf, 1.2MB] Conference Session 4: The way forward
Conference Session 5: Next steps and conclusion
Batch 4 [pdf, 1.4MB] Workshop Session 1: The challenge of going beyond GDP
Workshop Session 2: Technical and policy challenges
Batch 5 [pdf, 1.7MB] Workshop Session 3: Breakout session - Key needs and ways forward
Workshop Session 4: Collaboration opportunities
Workshop Session 5: Workshop conclusions
Batch 6 [pdf, 2.0MB] Indicator fact sheets / Virtual Indicator Exhibition
Batch 7 [pdf, 1.0MB] Overview Conference Background Papers & Annexes

PLEASE NOTE: To save paper we encourage reading on screen. If you print these documents, best results are obtained if "page scaling" is set to "fit to printable area" as you might loose the margins otherwise.