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Winners 2014/2015

The European Business Awards for the Environment reward companies of all sizes that have made an outstanding contribution to sustainable development; those whose activities contribute to economic and social advance without detriment to the environment.

To be eligible, companies must first succeed in their national award schemes which are organised throughout Europe each year. This means that the companies awarded the European prize are ‘the best of the best’; the most far-sighted, responsible and innovative across Europe. Companies from all EU Member States and candidate countries can apply for the awards. The submission of entries to the European awards competition is managed by national coordinating bodies.

The 2014/2015 winners (below) who were presented with their respective category awards in Lyon, France on 1 December 2014, are those who demonstrate progress through a combination of innovation, economic viability, environmental concern and social responsibility.

Details of each finalist can be found in the 2014/2015 EBAE Brochure, Video Playlist and Press Release. Photos of the winners are also available.

The Management Award
United Kingdom Turkey
Project Title:

Blue Life Integrated Sustainability Management System


Known for its wide industrial expertise in Turkey, Eczacıbaşı VitrA has established itself as a European leader in the bathroom and tile products industry through brands such as luxury bathroom furniture from Burgbad, the world’s oldest ceramic brand, Villeroy & Boch (tiles division) and Engers, a well established German tile producer.

As part of their company philosophy of giving back to society,  Eczacıbaşı Yapı Gereçleri has been on the forefront of global sustainability initiatives. In 2010 it launched the Blue Life Integrated Sustainability Management System initiative which measures, reports and improves the sustainability credentials of all Eczacıbaşı Building Products (EPB) business processes. The results have been an impressive 3.7 million m3 of natural gas and 7.2 thousand tons of raw material saved each year, as well as the prevention of 118 tons of CO2 emissions.

Press Release Eczacıbaşı Yapı Gereçleri wins European Business Awards for the Environment 2014-2015

The Product and Services Award
United Kingdom Belgium
Company: EcoNation
Project Title: Lighten the Energy Bill

EcoNation is a young, company providing industrial daylight solutions that are not only technologically superior, but also, ecological.

Established in 2009, it has revolutionised the (day)lighting industry with the ‘LightCatcher’. This project, which has been described as the best idea since the invention of the lightbulb, captures, enhances, filters and optimises daylight through a skylight, motorised mirror and lenses.

The impact of the LightCatcher is considerable. It allows users to switch off artificial light fittings for 3,650 hours per year while making use of only 1% of the roof surface. The LightCatcher is now used in 15 countries in both industrial and public buildings and has an  ecological footprint which is 6.17 times smaller than traditional skylights.

 Press Release EcoNation wins European Business Awards for the Environment 2014-2015

The Process Award
Belgium Germany
Company: Daimler AG
Project Title:

CO2 Reduction and Lightweight Construction for Combustion Engines


Daimler’s products have been at the forefront of the global automobile, motor vehicle and engine manufacturing industry for over a century. Best known for its Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and Smart Automobiles brands, the Stuttgart-based company has become the biggest producer of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles.

As a pioneer of automotive engineering, Daimler has continuously sought to shape the future of mobility today by including innovative green technologies within its manufacturing processes. Its twin wire arc spraying (TWAS) technology has been Daimler’s most forward-looking innovation and allowed it to use a low cost process to reduce CO2 emissions in its cars. As such, if TWAS were to be applied to all passenger vehicle combustion engines worldwide, it would save around 20.8 million litres of fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by 48 million tons.

  Press Release Daimler AG wins European Business Awards for the Environment 2014-2015

The International Business Cooperation Award
Germany Netherlands
Company: Interface Nederland BV
Project Title:



Interface, the world's largest designer and maker of carpet tiles, believes that design is a mindset and sustainability is the journey of a lifetime.  Therefore it gives careful attention not only to the needs of their clients, but also to the needs of the environment in which it operates.  

Its 'Mission Zero' pledge in the mid-1990s to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020 led the company to create Net-Works, a project which aims to tackle the growing global environmental problem of discarded fishing nets. Unused fishing nets are recycled and the Net-Works project reinvests the profit made back into the community to aid the regional economies of developing countries.  Every two kilos of nets buys one kilo of rice, which provides two meals for a family of five to six people.  

This is just one of many projects that make Interface progress in their journey towards Sustainability.

  Press Release Interface Nederland BV wins European Business Awards for the Environment 2014-2015

The Business and Biodiversity Award
Germany Spain
Project Title:

Birds and Electricity Transmission Lines: Mapping of Flight Paths


Being the sole transmission agent and operator of the Spanish electricity system has most certainly not made Red Eléctrica de España neglect the environment. Far from it! REE is continually seeking to apply and invest in new and ecological technologies. The Geographic Information System (GIS), a tool which integrates data about bird flight paths, has robustly contributed to a safer environment for avian populations. It allows electricity suppliers and local authorities to avoid common flight paths when building and repairing transmission lines.

REE  also recognises the need for efficient and, sustainable energy. As such, it has developed energy storage as a tool for its system operation. This allows REE to achieve greater security of supply, by increasing its use of renewable energy.

 Press Release Red Eléctrica de España wins European Business Awards for the Environment 2014-2015