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Winners 2012

The 2012 Business Awards were open to companies from all EU Member States and candidate countries. Companies had to succeed in national award schemes before being nominated by national award bodies for the European Business Awards. The winners for the 2012 European Business Awards are:

The Management Award
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Company: Marks & Spencer
Project Title: Marks & Spencer Plan A - Doing the Right Thing
Description: Marks & Spencer's 'Plan A' is an agenda-setting programme to embed a sustainable approach to business across the company's operations and beyond. The retailer has adopted an ambitious plan to reduce its resource impacts. Launched in 2007, the strategy includes 180 commitments relating to green procurement, fair trade, waste management, biodiversity conservation, corporate social responsibility, carbon emissions reduction and energy efficiency.
Contact: Helen McTaggart (

The Product Award
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Company: Aquamarine Power
Project Title: Aquamarine Power's Oyster wave energy technology
Description: Based in Scotland, the pioneering wave energy company Aquamarine Power has developed an innovative hydro-electric near-shore device known as Oyster. The system, which captures wave energy and converts it into clean sustainable electricity, could also potentially be used for reverse osmosis desalination. Oyster is a buoyant, hinged flap which is attached to the seabed. This hinged flap, which is almost entirely underwater, pitches backwards and forwards in the near-shore waves. The movement of the flap drives two hydraulic pistons which push high pressure water onshore via a subsea pipeline to drive a conventional hydro-electric turbine.
Contact: Jessica Owen (

The Process Award
Belgium Belgium
Company: Umicore
Project Title: Recycling of NiMH and Li-ion batteries: a sustainable new business
Description: Umicore has successfully implemented the world's first recycling process for used Li-ion and NiMH batteries. The process enables metal recovery with a minimum amount of environmental impact. The project involves closed loop recycling of valuable elements such as cobalt, nickel, copper and rare earth elements.
Contact: Jan Tytgat (

The International Business Cooperation Award
Germany Germany
Company: INENSUS GmbH, Germany
Project Title: MicroPowerEconomy – a Private Public Partnership model for comprehensive island-grid village electrification with renewable energy
Description: An innovative business and risk management model for electricity supply in off-grid villages of developing countries, "MicroPowerEconomy" aims to attract large scale private investments for renewable energy power supply components to be operated in island-grids. It brings two private partners, German company INENSUS GmbH and the Senegalese company MATFORCE CSI, together with public entities in Senegal.
Contact: Nico Peterschmidt (

The Business & Biodiversity Award
Germany Slovakia
Company: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.
Project Title: Energy for Nature: Saving most precious animal species in Slovak mountains
Description: A subsidiary of the Enel group, Slovenské elektrárne's core business is the production and sale of electricity. It is the largest power generating company in Slovakia and the second largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has developed its corporate social responsibility programme, which includes the Energy for Nature project. The project covers activities designed to protect nature and the environment by combining biodiversity support and stabilisation. Environmental policy is an inherent part of its corporate management and culture. One of the company's main principles is to create conditions for sustainable development and take responsible actions with respect to the environment and nature.
Contact: Alena Mečiarová (