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The Product and Services Award
  Product award  

This Award is for the successful placing on the market of a new product or service that makes an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

The product or service may be a new or modified design, or the innovative application of an existing one, in a way that promotes more sustainable patterns of production and consumption or contributes to a sustainable circular economy. The product or service must meet the needs of consumers, while making more efficient use of natural resources and minimising the use of hazardous substances, emissions of waste and pollutants over the product life-cycle (e.g. during material extraction, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal). The product or service must be economically viable and its production and consumption should contribute to equitable social progress.

Applications for this Award should represent the ‘cutting edge’ of sustainable product and service development, setting an example that others will be inspired to follow. Recognition by an EU eco-label or equivalent product certification should be considered as a strong favourable criterion in the selection.

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