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The Developing Country Cooperation Award
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This Award is for an international business cooperation involving at least one private entity from the European Union, and another from the private, public, non-governmental or academic sector in an emerging or developing country.

The cooperation must be a business relationship which makes a significant contribution to three elements of sustainable development – environmental protection, economic development, and social development – by transferring or sharing knowledge or technology or a management system.

The business cooperation should be part of a commercially viable business operation and be planned effectively and adequately resourced to achieve its stated objectives. These might include:

  • Transfer or sharing of knowledge or technology or a management system
  • Environmental protection or enhancement
  • Improving a product
  • Improving working conditions

The list of developing countries given in the United Nation’s World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) (see page 135) should be used as a reference point for indicating which countries are eligible. The UN Sustainable Development Goals set a useful framework for the type of activity foreseen.