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About the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE)

Green growth is an opportunity to modernise our economy, based on the long-term, not the quick fix. To make the best progress on green growth, Europe needs the right instruments and the right leaders. A growing number of businesses realise that protecting the environment is vital in maintaining Europe’s competitiveness.


The European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) recognise these pioneers, celebrating those companies at the forefront of eco-innovation, or which have a respect for the environment at the very core of their business principles.


The awards are held every second year, and winners are recognised in the following categories: Management, Product and Services, Process Innovation, Developing Country Cooperation and Business and Biodiversity.


Any business from an EU Member State or candidate country can apply. To be eligible for the European awards, businesses must first succeed at the national level.


Success at EBAE breeds more success for your business

  • Shortlisted companies evidence press coverage, networking opportunities, improved employee satisfaction and enhanced business prospects.
  • 80% of shortlisted companies feel participating in EBAE was beneficial, with the prime reason being “Greater Recognition and Enhanced Credibility”.
  • EBAE means future innovation, future expansion and inspiration.
  • 100% of shortlisted companies would recommend EBAE to other companies.


Nominee: any company that enters EBAE as a result of standing out in their national competition

Shortlist: the collection of companies that have reached the final stage of the competition. The individual company is a Finalist (typically four per Award Category, so 24 in total)

Runner-up: company selected by the Jury to be part of the shortlist, but not selected as the winner of the Award (typically three per Award)

Winner: the winner of each Award (six in total)

Rising Stars: companies whose applications have made a particular impression on the jurors but are not shortlisted for an Award. This could be in respect of: a company with an innovative and exciting product/service/process/management approach but whose activities are still at an early stage and unproven; or a company that is a pioneer in a national or regional context, but not necessarily at a European level.