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Cleaner Technologies
Denmark Denmark
Company: Sabroe Refrigeration A/S; LEGO System A/S; Danish Technological Institute
Project title: A cooling plant based on water as refrigerant
Germany Germany
Company: Osram GmbH,
Project title: Mercury-free energy-saving lamp for exterior lighting

Managing towards Sustainability
Germany Germany
Company: Ludwig Stocker Hofpfisterei GmbH,
Project title: Ecological equilibrium relating to production

Recovery of Waste
UK United Kingdom
Company: Rank Xerox,
Project title: A remanufacturing strategy for the recovery and reuse of end-of-life photocopiers

Partnerships for Sustainable Development
  There was no winner awarded in this category; the company below was commended:
The Netherlands The Netherlands
Company: N.V. Sep, the Netherlands
Project title: Forests Absorbing Carbondioxide Emissions (FACE)

Chairman's Special Commendations
Belgium Belgium
Company: Soils N.V., Belgium
Project title: Removal of heavy metals from groundwater by bipolar electrolysis
Spain Spain
Company: Empresa Nacional Bazan, Spain
Project title: The Bosque system for the surveillance and automatic detection of forest fires
Italy Italy
Company: Cartiera Favini SpA, Italy
Project title: The production of quality paper from vegetal- and food-processing waste
Austria Austria
Company: Team 7, Natürlich Wohnen, Austria
Project title: HOLZ Ecological, breathing, natural surface treatment without solvents for furniture
France France
Company: Dow France, France
Project title: Terrasana TM degradable mulchsheet