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WFD Implementation Reports

The Commission has to assess the progress in the implementation of the WFD in certain intervals and to inform the European Parliament, the Council and the public about the results of its assessments (see Article 18 WFD).


The second implementation report : Monitoring networks

The second implementation report was published on 1 April 2009. It addresses the establishment of monitoring programmes for surface waters and groundwater (see Article 8 and Annex V WFD):

Related to these WFD implementation reports, a number of facts, figures and maps  were produced and made available.

On 2-3 April 2009, the Commission (DG Environment) organised the 2nd European Water Conference where more than 450 participants were discussing various aspects of river basin management including some of the results of the second implementation report. For more information see the conference website.


The first implementation report : 1st stage of implementation  of the Directive

The first implementation report was published on 22 March 2007. This report addresses three aspects: the transposition into national law, the set-up of administrative structures (Article 3 WFD) and the environmental and economic analysis of river basin districts (Article 5 WFD):

Related to these WFD implementation reports, a number of facts, figures and maps were produced and made available.

In addition, the Commission presented two implementation reports on related directives which are essential for the achievement of “good status” under the WFD:

Furthermore, a press release and a press memo are available.

On 22/23 March 2007, the Commission (DG Environment) organised a conference where more than 400 participants were discussing the first implementation report and the launch of the Water Information System for Europe (WISE). The material related to the European Water Conference 2007 is still available.