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Background documents and data: Water Framework Directive implementation report

coverThe 3rd Implementation Report on the Water Framework Directive – River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) – is based on a detailed assessment of the 1st RBMPs adopted and reported by Member States, alongside various background documents also reported. In addition, data reported by the Member States to WISE were also extensively used for creating maps and graphs. A number of related studies also informed the assessment, and an overview of these, and links to online data and document sources, is given below.


Comparative Study of Pressures and Measures in the Major River Basin Management Plans

This study, divided into a number of sub-tasks, analysed several aspects of water management, taking the 1st RBMPs and the Commission's initial assessment thereof as a starting point. Where use has been made of the results from this study in the Blueprint Impact Assessment or the Commission Staff Working Document accompanying the 3rd WFD Implementation Report, clear reference is made to it in those documents. Please note that the study reports were prepared by consultants contracted by the European Commission, and the reports do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission. Themes addressed are:

Remaining reports  will be made available here in the near future.

Other studies and reference documents

Groundwater - In-depth assessment of the differences in groundwater threshold values established by Member States

The Commission report C(2010) 1096 on groundwater threshold values showed significant differences between the established groundwater threshold values (TVs) across Europe. An in-depth assessment was conducted to further explore the reasons behind these variations at the level of selected parameters by considering the information published in the 1st RBMPs. The assessment also considered how the flexible approach in the Water Framework Directive and its daughter Directive 2006/118/EC on groundwater protection ensures or hinders a comparable level of implementation and thereby a comparable level of groundwater status and status assessment within the EU.

Governance - 2nd European Water Conference – background document

Most EU Member States were in the process of holding open consultations on their draft RBMPs in the 1st semester of 2009. The 2nd European Water Conference was held in early April 2009, in the midst of this activity, and for this event a background document was prepared. This document looked into the DRAFT RBMPs available at that time, and includes in particular one section on the consultation methods and practices, as well as a timetable on the different stages of public participation. 

Member States' River Basin Management Plan reports

River Basin Management Plans as officially reported to WISE can be found via this section of CIRCABC

Member-State-specific websites on the WFD implementation report can be found via the EU overview map.

WISE – Water Information System for Europe – water.europa.euwise

The WISE viewer includes interactive maps with information on various water-related legislation. The information presented is based on the information reported by EU Member States. :

The European Environment Agency (EEA) issued a number of Water reports in 2012.