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Sustainable Use of Pesticides

Legal Framework

Thematic Strategy -Background
Thematic Strategy - Development - 1st step
Thematic Strategy - Development - 2nd step
Results Final Public Consultation: The sustainable use of pesticides in Europe

Historical Background

The European Commission has, in co-operation with the Dutch authorities, been conducting a project called Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products since 1992. The first phase was concluded in June 1994 with a workshop called “Framework for the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products in the European Union”.

The outcome of this Workshop was recommendations mainly for further studies. These studies have now been completed and were discussed at a workshop held in Brussels from 12 - 14 May, 1998.

The following documents are available on this web-site in pdf format:

Proceedings of the Workshop held in Brussels, May 1998 (170K).

Possibilities for Future EU Environmental Policy on Plant Protection Products- Synthesis Report (Summary Report of all six studies)

Full text of studies:

Further Analysis of Presence of Residues and Impact of Plant Protection Products in the EU (1.370K) (Note: Due to technical difficulties, this file is incomplete. To obtain a hard copy of the study please see contact details below)

Regional Analysis of Use Patterns of Plant Protection Products in six EU Countries

Analysis of Agricultural Policy in Relation to the Use of Plant Protection Products (815K) (Note: Does not contain Annex II)

Elaboration on Possible Arguments and Objectives of an Additional EC Policy on Plant Protection Products (586K)

Additional EU Policy Instruments for Plant Protection Products (812K)

Assessment of the Benefits of Plant Protection Products (709K)

The International HCH & Pesticides Association

Further information

For further information on this issue please contact Leena Yla-Mononen
(tel: +32-2-2993530).