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Sustainable Use of Pesticides

Legal Framework

Thematic Strategy -Background
Thematic Strategy - Development - 1st step
Thematic Strategy - Development - 2nd step
Results Final Public Consultation: The sustainable use of pesticides in Europe

Thematic Strategy - Development - 2nd step

Technical meetings

In parallel, the Commission services organised or assisted to the organisation of several technical meetings:

1. Compliance - 10/03/2003

The compliance by pesticide users, distributors and retailers with the legal requirements and voluntary codes governing pesticide use is a key element which was debated in the context of an OECD seminar.

(click here to read the Draft report of the Seminar)

2. Aerial Spraying - 31/03/2004

In the Communication "Towards...", the Commission has announced that aerial spraying (application method using airplanes or helicopters), because of its potential impacts on human health and the environment should be banned. This intention created a lot of reactions and the Commission services decided to organise a meeting gathering the concerned Member States, professional organisation of operators and users.

(click here to read the summary of discussions)

3. Sprayers - 27/04/2004

In the Communication "Towards...", Commission indicated the importance of application methodologies. The quality and precision of the operation depends strongly from the spraying equipment.

To that end, the Commission services participated to the first Conference on the "Standardized Procedure for the Inspection of Sprayers in Europe" which aimed at implementing the available European Standard EN 13790 throughout the Community.

4. Indicators - 24/05/2004

Measuring the progress made in risk reduction one of the objective for the Thematic Strategy. From an OECD pilot project, it was observed that there is a need for further development, harmonisation and testing of existing indicators in the Community. The 6th Community Framework programme for Research (FP6) offers the possibility to finance research project as Scientific Support to Policies.

In that context, the Commission is supporting a research project called HAIR (HArmonised environmental Indicators for pesticide Risk) which is aimed at delivering a set of harmonised environmental and human health risk indicators.

5. OECD meeting on collection of empty packaging - 22/06/2004

The Commission and several competent authorities of the Member States participated to an OECD seminar on ways to achieve pesticide risk reduction through good management of used containers of chemical pesticides

(click here to see the Draft report of this OECD meeting).