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LIFE Videos

This section presents the LIFE Video Player featuring a large number of short clips about LIFE projects, as well as videos about the LIFE programme.

Watching LIFE

LIFE videos

View the fascinating selection of LIFE programme and project videos from the online 'LIFE Video Player'. The growing section features more than 300 clips about LIFE projects, produced by the project beneficiaries, as well as short videos about the LIFE programme generally, including international conferences.

Under the ‘LIFE videos by theme’, each of LIFE’s nature, biodiversity and environment themes is further divided by sub-categories to enable a quick search for information on projects targeting specific categories. For example, under the LIFE Nature & Biodiversity theme you can search for projects covering 'Biodiversity issues', ‘Habitats', or 'Species'. And for LIFE Environment Policy & Governance projects, there are 10 sub-categories of projects targeting all the important environmental sectors from ‘Air & Noise’, ‘Climate Change – Energy’, ‘Waste’, ‘Water’ etc., to ‘Industry-Production’, ‘Information – Communication’ and ‘Risk Management’.

The ‘About LIFE’ category is also sub-divided into: videos about the LIFE programme – concerning its role, background and 20th Anniversary; and clips covering international conferences. 

View the LIFE project and programme videos.


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