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LIFE is good for the environment!

LIFE is good for the environment

2018 - 4 pages

LIFE has mobilised over 5.2 billion euros to support more than 2 600 environment projects since 1992. This factsheet highlights the programme's main achievements by sector. At a glance find out what LIFE has done to tackle waste, support the circular economy, implement water policy, improve air quality and green our cities. Successes in agriculture, forestry and citizen awareness are also in the spotlight.

With profiles of 5 exemplary projects, including their key achievements and legacy, it's clear to see that LIFE is good for the environment!

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LIFE and energy intensive industries

LIFE and energy intensive Industries

2018 - 4 pages

LIFE projects have developed highly innovative and applicable technologies and methodologies for significantly reducing primary energy use and CO2 emissions in energy intensive industries (EIIs), while contributing to the implementation and development of the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Proposed technologies have shown great potential and some have been considered as Best Available Techniques (BAT) for diverse industrial processes.

Download: LIFE and energy intensive industries (Web version)
pdf(~1.3 MB)

LIFE is good for Nature!

LIFE is good for nature!

2018 - 4 pages

From 1992-2017, LIFE Nature and Biodiversity funding benefitted over 5 300 Natura 2000 sites and around 750 species listed in the Habitats and Birds Directives. LIFE therefore has made a big difference for nature in the EU.

This factsheet lays out the impressive achievements of LIFE Nature, from its role in helping Members States designate Natura 2000 sites through to recent LIFE Nature Integrated Projects that are leveraging additional funding for nature protection on a large scale.

Through five case studies, the factsheet illustrates the excellent results that LIFE Nature is delivering. These projects are restoring diverse habitats and the valuable services they provide, bringing species back from the brink of extinction, and raising awareness of Natura 2000 all across Europe.

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LIFE makes cities green!

LIFE makes cities green!

2018 - 4 pages

From low-waste farmers' markets and building insect hotels for wild bees to storing solar energy on rooftops, the LIFE programme is funding innovative ideas to make cities greener and more agreeable to live in across the EU. Over the past 25 years, nearly 300 cities have benefited from the EU's financial instrument for protecting the environment, conserving biodiversity and tackling climate change. This factsheet shares some of the solutions that their inhabitants have rolled out to reduce waste and noise pollution, and improve air and water.

Download:LIFE makes cities green! (Web version)

Download: LIFE makes cities green! (Ready to print version)
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2018 - 4 pages

Integrated Projects support authorities in EU Member States to implement environmental and climate plans, programmes and strategies developed at regional, multi-regional or national level. They help Member States to comply with key EU legislation in six areas:


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