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Other type of projects

In addition to traditional projects and Integrated projects, the LIFE programme for 2014-2020 includes three further categories of LIFE project:

Capacity Building projects

Capacity Building projects provide financial support for activities that increase the capacity of Member States, including LIFE national or regional contact points, to participate more effectively in the LIFE programme.

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Preparatory projects

Preparatory projects are funded by the sub-programme for Environment. Such projects address specific needs for developing and implementing EU environmental or climate policy and legislation. Areas are identified by the Commission in cooperation with Member States on an annual basis.

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Technical Assistance projects - (coming soon)

Technical Assistance projects provide action grants to help applicants prepare Integrated projects. Such projects aim to ensure that integrated projects comply with the timing, technical and financial requirements of the LIFE programme in coordination with other funds. It is possible to apply for Technical Assistance projects under both the sub-programme for Environment and the sub- programme for Climate Action.

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