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4.4 Making plastic fit for the circular economy

04 June 2014 - 16:30 - 18:00

The Green Paper on a European strategy on plastic waste in the environment 2013 had the circular economy as a "leitmotiv". It has triggered a broad and ongoing European discussion on the role of plastic and plastic waste in a circular economy.

This session is going to explore a set of concrete examples of action to integrate plastic and plastic waste into the circular economy concept. It will focus on plastic waste management in the international context from an industry global corporate responsibility perspective.

Two examples will be highlighted, the HP Kenya e-waste project and the European Federation of Bottled Waters recycling guidelines for PET bottles and their practical international implications for global environmentally sound waste management. The Norwegian Environment Agency will present its ideas on resource efficient recycling of plastic and textile waste and in particular highlight the short and long-term economic potentials for increased plastic recycling. IMSA Amsterdam will develop its ideas on accelerating the circular economy in plastics