Susana Escobar

Marketing & Communication Expert, responsible for communication of the WATER CoRe project
Susana Escobar

Born in Zaragoza (Spain) on 11th April 1975.

1998: Degree in Economic and Business Science. Specialization: Marketing. University of Zaragoza (Spain).

2002: Master’s degree in Marketing and Commercial Management. ESIC (Marketing and Commercial Management College), Zaragoza (Spain).

Since 2009 member of the Cabinet of the Regional Minister for the Environment within the Government of Aragon. Tasks: organization of events, media cooperation planning, edit and publishing duties and creation of dissemination campaigns.

Worked in the marketing team of different relevant companies such as PORSCHE, KADUS (Procter&Gamble) or RETAIL PRO (Benetton, Pepe Jeans, Follie Follie, Calvin Klein).

Coordinator of WATER CoRe project communication component. Responsible for the development of a Communication Plan for the project, including both internal and external communication. Responsible for the creation –in cooperation with the LP-of the official website of the project, in which there’s a public area addressed to stakeholders and an intranet for exclusive use of PP. Responsible for drafting/correcting and editing bi-monthly newsletters and over 50 articles about the project. Responsible for creating a database of links to main European regional networks and EU funding projects related to water scarcity and drought.