1.3 Monitoring the marine environment
In partnership with the JRC

23 May - 11.30 - 13.00

Good environmental information is crucial to our understanding of the structure and the functioning of marine ecosystems. We also need it to develop indicators to assess the state of the marine environment and identify the pressures and impacts caused by human activities, and to set targets accordingly. Marine monitoring is required for several European pieces of legislation and international agreements, and while a number of programs are already operational, coordination between them is still in its infancy. More integration across legislation and between countries would undoubtedly pay dividends. This session will focus on current approaches and options for monitoring, and will focus on ways to improve coordination, with a view to more efficient and cost-effective monitoring programmes for the marine environment. As the Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires monitoring of a wide range of parameters and indicators in all European marine waters, the session will also consider large-scale monitoring approaches that aggregate data from wide marine areas.