Side events and satellite events 2012

Around the Green Week Conference there are many other side and satellite events taking place around Europe.

Some of these events are taking place at the venue itself and around Brussels. These are photo exhibitions, films, award ceremonies and seminars. These can be found under 'Side events'.

There are also designated linked "satellite events", which are an important part of the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, "Green Week". Such events are organised in Brussels and in various places around the EU in order to extend the reach of the conference beyond Brussels' borders. These include different types of events, e.g. press conferences, guided tours, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, etc. In 2011 satellite events were held in 15 Member States around Europe, with around 8000 participants.

All side and satellite events are related to the Green Week theme. In 2012, the main theme is "Water", more precisely "The Water Challenge – Every Drop Counts".