Natalia Vera

International Affairs Coordinator, International Centre for Water & Environment, Government of Aragon
Natalia Vera

Born in Zaragoza (Spain) on 16th January 1977.

2001: Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, University of Zaragoza (Spain).

2002: Master’s degree in European Communities and European Union, from the Royal Institute of European Studies (Zaragoza, Spain) with a thesis on “Environmental Taxation in the Common Market”.

2010: Master’s degree in Land and Environment Planning from the Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Zaragoza (Spain) with a thesis on “A Strategic Planning for ENCORE network”.

Since 2006 International Affairs Coordination at the International Centre for Water and Environment, within the Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of the Government of Aragon (Spain).

Since 2010 Part-time teacher at the University of Zaragoza (Faculty of Law), teaching International Law and EU Law.

Since 2010 responsible for the ENCORE (Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe) Permanent Secretariat.

From 2006 to 2010, co-chair of ENCORE Steering Group.

Since 2007 representative of Aragon region in nrg4SD (Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development).

Participant at: UNFCCC-COP 12, 13, 14 and 15; V WWF; GW 2007 and 2009; 8. and 9. ENCORE Conference; 3. nrg4SD Summit; Renewal Energy and Clean Technologies Conference in Östersund 2009; Carbon Expo Barcelona 2009; “L’eau Expo et Forum 2009” Casablanca; 2nd International Convention for a “Territorial Approach of Sustainable Development” Tanger 2008; IFAT 2008; Open Days 2007; International Conference of CC Bilbao 2008.

Speaker at: 6th Seminar UK-Spain “Ensuring our energetic future” London 2007 (UK); ENCORE Biodiversity Working Group Seminar “Implementation of habitats and birds directives” Pisa 2008 (Italy); UN CC Bonn talks side-event “Sub-national and Local Governments Join Forces” 2011 (Germany); 3rd World Assembly of Regions “Fortify decentralisation: a response of Regional Governments towards Globalisation” Montecristi 2010 (Ecuador).

Organizer of: 8th ENCORE Conference 2008 in Zaragoza (Spain); “Low Carbon Regional Development” Seminar 2009 in Zaragoza (Spain); 2nd, 3rd and 4rth International Meeting of Water Experts on 2007, 2010 and 2011 in Zaragoza (Spain).