Jean-Marc Mérillot

ADEME, France
Jean-Marc Mérillot

Jean-Marc Mérillot is senior coordinator for Ecoinnovation at the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME). He is the general delegate for the ADEME’s PhD association and member of the ERANET Eco-innovera (

Agricultural engineer, Jean-Marc Mérillot started considering environmental issues in 1983 working on biowastes management from municipalities, from farms, from food industry…He supported source separation, composting (Végéterre), anaerobic digestion and biorecycling. As head of the Agriculture and Food Department at the ADEME from 1992 to 2001, he launched research and demonstration programmes in the domains of waste management, air emissions control and energy efficiency and was member of several scientific committees of research public organizations. He promoted environmental assessment tools like LCA and eco-management schemes.

From 2002 to 2009, he headed the ADEME’s research programming service developing a framework for the ex post evaluation of R&D programmes, modernizing the PhD’s ADEME programme and promoting European and national R&D and competitiveness programmes for environmentally sound technologies. He participated in several European networks in the field of composting and of research programming like ERANETs. Member of the ETAP high level working group, he contributed to disseminate key actions like ETV systems. The ADEME hosted the 3rd International Forum on ETV systems in Paris.

What do you expect from a European ETV system? At this question stakeholders used to answer by a question "An ETV system. What is that?"... And after clarification, they used to formulate their expectations either positively or negatively.