Final meeting of Laboratory Isonzo - Identifying shared proposals on the cross-border management of the flow of the Isonzo river.

From 22 May 2012, 18:00 to 22 May 2012, 20:00

Gorizia - Italy

18:00 - Greetings from the authorities: Mr. Luca Ciriani Regione  (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region), Mr. Roberto Casarin (High Adriatic River Basin Authority), local authorities
18:30 - Presentation of the results of Laboratory Isonzo and final book
19:00 - Considerations about the experience of the Laboratory Isonzo
19:30 - Suggestions regarding the future
19:45 - Cocktail

Castle of Gorizia,
Address: Borgo Castello 36,
Gorizia (Italy)

High Adriatic river basin Authority
(public body that deals with land use planning in the field of water and soil conservation in application of Directive 2000/60/EC and 2007/60/EC)
Cannaregio 4314 - 30121 VENICE (Italy)