Fabiano Amati

Minister for Public works, Water resources and Civil protection - Regione Puglia, Italy
Fabiano Amati

Fabiano Amati was born in Fasano (BR), Puglia Region, Italy, on October 18th 1969.

He graduated in law at the University of Bari, where he works as a lawyer, authorized to practice in High Court, with a major in administrative law. Over the years, alongside the study and profession that he has never given he devoted to the political commitment to the Christian Democrats, then became the local and after regional representative of the Italian Popular Party, of the Margherita and of the Democratic Party.

Under the various signs of these parties he performed the duties of secretary town of Fasano, the provincial coordinator of Brindisi, Puglia's regional secretary and leader on a regional and national scale.

He was councillor of urban planning of the municipality of Fasano from 1999 to September 2001. From September 2005 to June 2010 he was regional vice president of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) - Puglia, and a member of its Council and of the Regional Director. Since the spring of 2002 he has honored the office of town councilor of Fasano and with this, since July 2009, he has been the Regional Minister for Public Works. After the regional elections of 2010 he was elected at the Regional Council of Puglia, with the highest number of preferences in the district of Brindisi and as a result he was confirmed as Regional Minister for Water and Public Works, with the further delegation to the Civil Protection. Since July 2009 he has been the President of the Basin’s Autority of Puglia and the Regional Council of Public Works, confirmed in the positions in March 2010. Since november 2010 he has been the vice president of the Basin’s Authority of the rivers Trigno, Biferno and minors, Saccione, Fortore rivers. He has been the component of Basin’s Authority of Basilicata since July 2009 and a member of the Institutional Committee of the Basin Authority of the Liri, Garigliano and Volturno rivers since July 2009.

He has been also member of the Board of Directors of ITHACA (Institute for Innovation and Transparency in public procurement and environmental compatibility) since May 2010.

He wrote the preface to "Puglia and its Aqueduct" by Michele Viterbo (Peucetio), and is the author of the book "Under the sign of the water" that contains the sense of a passion that recently changed his life, dedicated to her daughter, Rossella, and to the children of the world.

The main topics of the presentation of Mr. Fabiano Amati will be:

  1. The role of regional and local authorities for a sustainable management of water resources;
  2. The reuse of waste water for industrial and agricultural uses;
  3. The relationship between desertification and climate change.