Christian Pèes

President - Euralis
Christian Pèes

Since 2000, Christian Pèes has been President of Euralis, a cooperative based in Lescar, Pyrénées-Atlantiques. With 15,000 farmers and 5,000 employees, Euralis is a market-leader in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.  It is a trusted partner for agriculture and food professionals.

Originally focused on maize, the group diversified its agricultural production and services before going on to invest in the agri-food sector.

Having started out in the South-West of France, Euralis has been expanding both within France and internationally and turned over 1.3 Billion Euros in 2009/10.

With Euralis, Christian Pèes, a geographer by training but a maize farmer and pig producer for more than 20 years, wants to popularise the cooperative model,  its economic efficiency, proximity to its members and defence of the values of solidarity, responsibility and commitment.

A passionate farmer and a man of conviction, Christian Pèes is convinced of the importance of the land and French farming for the future.  Currently Vice-President of Cogeca (Confederation of European agri-cooperatives), he defends the interests of its members and French agriculture in Brussels and, aware that we live in a changing world, argues for better global regulation of agricultural markets at the Think Tank MOMAGRI, because agricultural price volatility is the root cause of many socio-economic and political problems.  In his book L'arme alimentaire (Armed with Food), published in 2006 by Cherche Midi, Christian Pèes demonstrates that agriculture can be a driving force for our economy at a time when two fundamental questions remain unanswered: how to feed a planet which will have 9 billion inhabitants in 2050 and how to satisfy our energy requirements?