2.8 Too much of a good thing? New thinking on the rebound effect

26 May - 14:30 - 16:00

MANS room

The Rebound Effect is an increase in consumption, which can occur as an unintended side-effect of the introduction of technology and policy instruments aimed at environmental efficiency improvements, in particular where gains bring reduced costs. For example, the addition of insulation measures in a home, which help to make the home more thermally efficient and cheaper to heat, can result in householders leaving the heating on for longer or at a higher temperature. Where it occurs the rebound effect can limit the environmental improvement potential from policy, market and technology instruments.
The existence and significance of the rebound effect in reality and how to address it is still hotly debated. The European Commission's Addressing the Rebound Effect project provides a state of the art review on the latest thinking on the significance of rebound effects and measures to address it in policy http://rebound.eu-smr.eu. For Green Week - key experts provide the latest thinking on rebound effects from the EU and USA.


  • Aminda Leigh, Broadcast Journalist and Writer, Director of the AMROS Anglo-Italian services