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EMAS Toolkit for small organisations

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EMAS Toolkit for small organisations

EMAS Toolkit for small organisations


Section 1:

Introduction to EMAS

Section 2:

What are the benefits and costs of EMAS?

Section 3:

How to get started?


Section 4:

How to develop an environmental policy

Section 5:

How to carry out an initial environmental review


5.1: How to evaluate the direct and indirect environmental impacts of your organisation


5.2: How to ensure compliance with legal requirements

Section 6:

How to develop an environmental programme


6.1: Objectives and targets


6.2: Environmental management programme


Section 7:

How to structure an environmental management system


Overview: Implementing an environmental management system


7.1: How to structure and assign responsibility within your EMS


7.2: How to evaluate training needs and provide new skills and education


7.3: How to communicate with internal and external stakeholders


7.4: How to organise your environmental documentation


7.5: How to control and maintain lean documents and worksheets


7.6: How to develop codes of conduct and precise instructions to support your EMS


7.7: How to be prepared for emergency situations


Section 8:

How to control and monitor environmental performance and management systems


Overview: Checking and acting


8.1: Monitoring and measurements


8.2: Continual improvement and corrective action


8.3: Records


8.4: Internal audits


Section 9:

How to review an environmental management system

Section 10:

How to communicate and report on environmental performance

Section 11:

How to get official recognition

Case Studies




Industrial enterprises


Service industries


Local authorities


Non-profit organisations

Further Assistance / Contacts


Competent bodies


Accreditation bodies


SME support programmes


Financing programmes for SMEs


Project Partners

Additional Resources


Innovative projects, approaches, initiatives


Guides, handbooks, checklists


Corporate social responsibility

FEEDBACK: Please let us know what you think about the EMAS TOOLKIT so that we can continually improve it. Send your comments to the EMAS Helpdesk.

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