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1. Carbon footprinting of products in general

In light of the recent interest in Carbon footprint measurement and labelling, the Commission organised a meeting for Member States to present their recent activities in this field. A report of the main points coming from that meeting can be downloaded here.

In light of the recently launched PAS 2050 standard on Carbon measurement (for more information see  here:, and other new activities launched in other Member States, the Commission is planning a conference on the way forward for Carbon Footprinting , and the role the Commission could play in the process.  Details will be available here nearer the time.

2. Carbon footprinting and the European Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is also looking into how carbon footprinting can be systematically considered within its criteria development process.  As such a small study was commissioned to consider this, and to raise the question with stakeholders of how any specific carbon footprint criteria might be best presented with the Ecolabel logo.


  • This study is about 'Carbon footprinting within the EU Ecolabel' – it is not about the wider issue of carbon measurement standardisation and labelling of products in general, nor is it about  the European Commission's role in carbon measurement of products. (for information on this see point 1 above)
  • This study does not represent the views or aims of the Commission at this time. The documents are for consideration and discussion within the EU Ecolabel community – in order to decide how best to take this issue forward in relation to the EU's multi-criteria labelling scheme.
  • Since this study was finalised, the PAS 2050 standard has been published. This standard for measuring the embedded carbon in products has not therefore been fully considered by the study.

Here then are the key documents for consideration:

  1. Final activity report
  2. Background manual
  3. Excel based toolkit