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CAFE has the following specific objectives:

  1. to develop, collect and validate scientific information relating to the effects of outdoor air pollution, emission inventories, air quality assessment, emission and air quality projections, cost-effectiveness studies and integrated assessment modeling, leading to the development and updating of air quality and deposition objectives and indicators and identification of the measures required to reduce emissions;
  2. to support the implementation and review the effectiveness of existing legislation, in particular the air quality daughter directives, the decision on exchange of information, and national emission ceilings as set out in recent legislation, to contribute to the review of international protocols, and to develop new proposals as and when necessary;
  3. to ensure that the sectoral measures that will be needed to achieve air quality and deposition objectives cost-effectively are taken at the relevant level through the development of effective structural links with sectoral policies;
  4. to determine an overall, integrated strategy at regular intervals which defines appropriate air quality objectives for the future and cost-effective measures for meeting those objectives;
  5. to disseminate widely the technical and policy information arising from implementation of the programme.

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