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The Thematic Strategy on air pollution, the Directive on Ambient Air Quality and Cleaner Air for Europe and their Impact Assessment are based on other relevant documents produced by the Commission in the Framework of the "Clean Air For Europe" (CAFE) Programme:

Strategy, Orientation

6th Environment Action Programme

Communication "The Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) Programme: Towards a Thematic Strategy for Air Quality" COM(2001)245


Methodology for the Integrated Assessment Modelling

Methodology for the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the CAFE Programme (AEAT, March 2005):

Health Effects of Air Pollution

Integrated Assessment Modelling and Cost-Benefit Analysis



Maps on Air Pollution Effects

Country excel data sheets

Emissions, Abatement Costs and Air Quality Improvements (to be included)

Health Benefits (Scenarios A, B and C. Strategy to be included)


Review and ex-Post Evaluation of current policies and measures:

New Measures:

Report of the conference on policy instruments on air pollution (November 2004)

Stakeholder and Public Consultation

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