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In order to make available the scientific and technical knowledge required to meet the objectives of the CAFE programme, the Commission has undertaken, and is planning to undertake, several contracts. 

Main contracts:

  1. Development of a Baseline Scenario and an Integrated Assessment Model
  2. Further development and application of the TREMOVE transport model
  3. Cost-Benefit Analysis of the CAFE Programme
  4. Review Health effects by WHO
  5. Assessment of the Effectiveness of European Air Quality Policies and Measures
  6. "Ex-post" Evaluation of Short-term and Local Measures in the CAFE Context
  7. Review of the Rains Integrated Assessment Model

In addition, more contracts in support of CAFE may be launched.

Other ongoing activities:

  1. Co-operation with international institutions dealing with air quality: CLRTAP: Review effects on environment: Co-operation with CLRTAP
  2. Ad-hoc working group on implementation and on particulates:
    - Working Group on Implementation
    - Working Group on Target Setting and Assessment
    - Assess in depth particulate matters: Working Group on Particulate Matters
  3. Urban scale
  4. European Research and the CAFE Programme
  5. Emerging technologies in Industry
  6. Large combustion installations
  7. Small scale combustion installations
  8. Review of the National Emission Ceiling Directive
  9. UNECE Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution
    Task force webpage for information
  10. Integrated measures in Agriculture to reduce Ammonia emission
  11. Analysis and design of local Air Quality measurements (Technical annex and Final report) under contract (project EURAQHEM) with the German Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik e.V
  12. Adaptation of Target Load Functions for RAINS simulations of time delays of ecosystem recovery caused by European reduction alternatives af acidifying compounds.
    Technical Annex for the contract (pdf ~173Kb) and the final report for the project "Adaptation of Target Load Functions for Rains Simulation of time delays of recovery" (pdf ~7,6Mb) which includes Annex B on "Exploring marginal impact coefficients".

Public consultation:

    A public consultation has been achieved in December 2004 and January 2005 on the main proposals of the thematic strategy on air pollution. The main results are available in the following report

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