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Clearing House Mechanism

What is the EC CHM?

It is the European Community’s contribution to the global Clearing House Mechanism being developed under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

The European Community Clearing House Mechanism (EC CHM) aims at providing access to information relevant to the implementation of the CBD to the European Community and at facilitating scientific and technical co-operation amongst the European Communities, the Member States of the European Union, countries of the Pan European Region and the rest of the world.

It also contributes to the dissemination of biodiversity related education programmes and to raising public awareness on biodiversity conservation.


Why an EC CHM?

The European Community is committed to facilitate public access to information relevant for biodiversity. The EC CHM provides access to information on policies, legislation, funding opportunities, data bases, sources of expertise, etc held by European Community institutions. It provides links to other institutions and organisations (governmental, private and NGOs) keeping useful information elsewhere in Europe. It also links to web sites of global organisations such as the CBD Secretariat web site. The EC CHM is therefore a key tool for anyone who wants to know more about biodiversity.

Thanks to the data and information available, the EC CHM is an important tool for promoting and facilitating scientific and technological co-operation not only within Europe but also with countries around the world, in particular with developing countries.


How does it work?

The EC CHM is the entry point to a huge network of institutions and organisations working directly on biodiversity or whose work is relevant to biodiversity. It provides tools (search facilities) to find information from different perspectives to meet the needs of different potential users. The EC CHM allows you to find out what information is available and to access it. Data and information available through the EC CHM is however kept and maintained by the original sources of information.


How is the EC CHM being developed?

The EC CHM is developed and maintained by the European Environment Agency (EEA) on behalf of the European Communities. Up to now, the technical solutions used in this software have been made available to several European and African countries, and have been used for the establishment of their national CHM portals.

The European Community Clearing House Mechanism - EC CHM