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The IPPC Directive

smokeKey implementation measures

Member States implementation reports

The IPPC Directive foresees reporting by the Member States on the basis of three-yearly reporting periods.

The implementation reports by Member States for the first (2000-2002), second (2003-2005) and third (2006-2008) reporting period can be found on the EIONET FORUM and through the IRIS web platform (see below).

Commission reports

In November 2005 the Commission adopted its first IPPC Report. It included an IPPC Implementation Action Plan set up to support the Member States and monitor the progress made towards meeting the deadline of 30 October 2007 for the full implementation of the Directive.

In its 2007 Communication accompanying its Proposal for the Directive on industrial emissions, the Commission updated its IPPC Action Plan for the period 2008-2010. A study on the state of play on the number of IPPC permits issued for existing installations was finalised in 2009 providing a detailed analysis on the permitting progress in the Member States.

On 25 October 2010 the European Commission presented a second report on the implementation of the IPPC Directive dealing with the reporting period 2006-2008. The reports of the Member States on the implementation of the Directive during this period have revealed a need for some countries to finalise the issuing of permits in order to ensure compliance with the Directive. In addition, case studies undertaken by the Commission have shown that permit conditions are not sufficiently based on BAT. Furthermore, a number of other issues have also been identified, such as the need for a more coherent inspection mechanism, the need to reduce administrative burden and the inability of the current IPPC Directive to meet certain key policy objectives.

IRIS: the Industrial Emissions Reporting Information System

The main findings of the analysis of the Member States' reports for the second reporting period (2003-2005) are available on a web-platform: the Industrial Emissions Reporting Information System (IRIS).

IRIS contains data on IPPC permitting status, specific information on the way the IPPC Directive is transposed and implemented in each Member State as well as an analysis of data on Emission Limit Values (ELVs) reported by Member States for two industrial sectors. IRIS also provides the results of a project assessing the use of general binding rules for the implementation of the IPPC Directive by the Member States.


As part of the IPPC implementation action plan, DG Environment has produced a number of guidance documents. The aim of these documents is to provide guidance in implementing the Directive by suggesting an approach to some questions on how certain provisions of the Directive should be understood. The guidance does not represent an official position of the Commission and cannot be invoked as such in the context of legal proceedings. Final judgements concerning the interpretation of the Directive can only be made by the European Court of Justice.

Transition to the Industrial Emissions Directive

During the transition from the current legal framework to the new Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), there is a last reporting cycle for the IPPC Directive (2009-2011) in order to allow the Commission to continue to follow up the implementation of this Directive. At the same time, the Commission is preparing the ground for supporting and promoting the transposition and implementation of the IED by the Member States.