Union source-based air pollution control legislation

EU legislation controlling pollution directly at the source – for instance industrial emissions, road transport, domestic combustion and agriculture – plays a major role in achieving the reductions required under the new NEC Directive. Thus it is important to maintain an overview of the relevant legislation, also to enable the Commission and Member States to track its effective implementation.

Article 14(3b) of the new NEC Directive requests the Commission to publish on its website the list of relevant Union source-based air pollution control legislation, defined in Article 3(14) of the Directive as:

“Union legislation which aims at reducing the emissions of air pollutants covered by this Directive by undertaking mitigation measures at the source".

The relevant Union source-based air pollution control legislative acts are identified here. Relevant international obligations and guidance - which are part of the EU acquis - are also included.

Articles 14(3b) and 3(14) are interpreted as being directed to the five pollutants for which emission reduction commitments are set in the new NEC Directive (i.e. sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, fine particulate matter, non-methane volatile organic compounds and ammonia). It follows that legislative acts addressing substances such as heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants are outside the scope, and so not identified.

This information will be updated regularly.