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About this site

Day-to-day management of the site is the responsibility of the Commission’s DG Environment.

The language policy of this website is to use

  • as many EU languages as translation resources allow for information of broad public interest, and

  • the most widely-used common language for specialised websites. In the case of environment, this means English.

Pages containing information for a broader public will be published in a range of EU languages, depending on the target audiences and on any specific geographic interest the information may have.

This website adheres to the general language guidelines set out for EUROPA.

The European Commission always publishes its official documents in all the EU languages (see the EUR-Lex database on The Europa site also offers you much more information on the Commission's work, including its environment policy, in a variety of languages (see

Feel free to contact us for any further information and/or details you may require at

Image and photo credits

Regarding all pictures used on this website, the European Commission either owns the copyright or has obtained the proper permission to use them from the owner(s) of the copyright. They can only be used on the EUROPA website. Reproduction or any other use of these pictures is not allowed.