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The Initiative for coal regions in transition activities include two working groups, which meet twice per year to discuss priority projects and best practices in coal regions. Every year, a high-level political dialogue on the future of coal regions is organised as part of the initiative and is hosted by a transition region.

Upcoming events

Coal regions in transition virtual week / 26-29 April

The Coal regions in transition virtual week is part of the Just Transition Platform meeting, from the 26-29 April, where several thematic sessions will be organised to address various transition challenges and investment opportunities for coal carbon and fossil fuel-intensive regions. This includes opportunities to invest in the value chains of batteries, a presentation of Pillars 2 and 3 of the Just Transition Mechanism and addressing the demographic challenges of the transition. As part of the Coal Regions Virtual Week, we will take stock of recent progress as regards coal phase-outs, listen to the voices of coal regions and look at the employment potential of clean energy value-chains in Europe across coal regions.

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Previous events

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2019 annual political dialogue

The second edition of the annual political dialogue of the Initiative for coal regions in transition took place on 25-26 November in Görlitz, Germany. The event was organised by the European Commission and the secretariat of the initiative, in close cooperation with the two German host regions of Brandenburg and Saxony.

On the first day, high-level speakers reflected on the progress achieved in the past year and looked toward the future of the initiative, in a new European context with an ever-increasing focus on just transition. Discussions focussed on the respective roles of the EU and of regions in supporting and implementing a just transition, as well as on the specific issues of attracting investment to coal regions, and ensuring cross-border cooperation. On the second day, participants went on site visits to see concrete transition projects in the Lusatia region.

2019 annual political dialogue – outcomes and resources.

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