National reports

As of August 2015, EU countries submit every three years a national report to the Commission, on the implementaiton of the Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management Directive (2011/70/Euratom). On the basis of these reports, the Commission drafts a report on the overall implementation of the directive and an inventory of radioactive waste and spent fuel present in the Euratom community's territory and future prospects.  

The table links to the second national reports as submitted by the EU countries in 2018, showing the language version. The link goes either to the national website where the report is hosted, or to a PDF version of the report.

Table of second national reports

Country Reports on national websites Reports in PDF
Austria DE
Belgium EN
Bulgaria BG
Croatia EN
Cyprus EN
Czechia CS | EN
Denmark EN
Estonia ET
Finland EN
France FR 
Germany DE | EN
Greece EN
Hungary HU
Ireland EN
Italy EN
Latvia LV
Lithuania EN
Luxembourg FR
Malta EN
The Netherlands NL EN
Poland PL 
Portugal EN
Slovakia SK | EN EN
Slovenia SL
Spain ES
Sweden EN
United Kingdom* EN

* As required under Article 14(1) of Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom, the second national reports on the implementation of  the Directive had to be submitted to the Commission by 23 August 2018. In the reference period covered by these second national reports, the United Kingdom was a Member State of the Euratom Community.