Madrid forums

The European Gas Regulatory Forum, also known as the Madrid Forum, gathers key stakeholders across the European energy sector to discuss opportunities and challenges related to further development and decarbonisation of the internal EU gas market and to its integration with other energy sectors.

The forum was set up in 1999 and has covered issues like competition, market transparency, congestion management and infrastructure development. It has regularly reviewed the progress in developing legislation to harmonise EU energy transmission and trading rules through the gas network codes and their implementation. 


The participants include national regulatory authorities, EU national governments, the European Commission, gas and electricity transmission system operators, suppliers and traders, end-consumers, network users, gas exchanges and climate and energy NGOs representing civil society. 

36th meeting of the Madrid Forum

The 36th Madrid Forum will take place as planned on 11 and 12 May 2022. Please reserve those dates. Further organisational details, including the agenda, will be communicated soon.

35th meeting of the Madrid Forum

29-30 April 2021 - virtual meeting

34th meeting of the Madrid Forum

14-15 October 2020 – virtual meeting

33rd meeting of the Madrid Forum

23-24 October 2019

32nd meeting of the Madrid Forum

5-6 June 2019

31st meeting of the Madrid Forum

16-17 October 2018

Madrid Forum meeting documents

All meeting documents from the Madrid Fora (since 1999) are available and organised in the CIRCA BC library, open and accessible to all.