The EU imports a significant amount of oil, natural gas, uranium, and coal from Russia. At the same time, the EU also serves as an important energy market for Russia.

EU-Russia energy dialogue

The EU-Russia energy dialogue was set up in 2000, to provide the overall framework for the energy cooperation between the EU and Russia.

This dialogue has been on hold since 2014, pending positive developments in the resolution of the Ukraine crisis and implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Only the technical work-stream on internal market issues under the previous EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council (GAC WS2) remains operational.

Despite the suspension of the formal energy dialogue, the EU continues to talk with Russian counterparts on an ad-hoc basis, addressing pressing issues at hand. 

The EU is also in discussion with the Russian Federation in the context of the trilateral talks on gas transit through the Ukraine.

Past activities under the EU-Russia energy dialogue.

Early warning mechanism

Following a gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine in 2009, the EU and Russia established an early warning mechanism. This instrument aims to prevent further supply interruptions in gas, oil, or electricity, and to ensure rapid communication.


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