Video competition on energy efficiency

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Do you believe the young generation of today can make a difference for a more energy-efficient tomorrow? Does your school promote energy efficiency and thus help protect the planet?

The European Commission is launching the “Film4Energy Challenge” competition in October 2021, inviting schools across the European Union (EU) to create short videos about the importance of energy efficiency and the benefits of saving energy for their school, commune or city.

Young students already know a lot about energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. They have the power to inspire others to reduce energy consumption, and can successfully promote the environmental and economic benefits of saving energy across the EU.

What is this competition about?

Students aged 12 to 15 from all EU countries are invited to create a video about how they can save energy in their daily lives, teaching their relatives, friends, neighbours and the whole world about the benefits of energy efficiency and encouraging the use of energy-efficient alternatives for heating, cooling, transport, and other daily activities.

The videos will have a positive, educational impact on students, as well as their teachers, families and local communities.

How to apply? 

The competition will run from 1 October 2021 to 15 February 2022.

The application formrules and the terms and conditions are available in all EU languages except Maltese and Gaelic.

Spread the word

Do you work in a school or in the educational sector? Perhaps you work with young people, or you are involved in a local community?

Help us spread the word and get your local school(s) to participate in the competition ”Film4Energy Challenge”. Teasers (students/schools) for social media, use the hashtag #Film4Energy. 

The winning schools will see their videos disseminated across Europe on the European Commission’s official social media channels, and the best entry will be awarded an “energy day” organised at their school.

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