SRI methodology

The methodology for calculating the SRI rating of a building is based on the building’s readiness to accommodate “smart-ready services”.

Smart-ready service catalogue

A “smart-ready service catalogue” refers to building services that are categorised into 9 technical domains

  • heating
  • cooling
  • domestic hot water
  • controlled ventilation
  • lighting
  • dynamic building envelope
  • electricity
  • electric vehicle charging
  • monitoring and control

Such smart-ready services are enabled by a combination of smart-ready technologies, but are defined in a technology-neutral way, such as ‘provision of temperature control in a room’.

For a given building, all smart-ready services are assessed against the following desired impacts of smart buildings:

  • energy efficiency
  • maintenance and fault prediction
  • comfort
  • convenience
  • health, well-being and accessibility
  • information to occupants
  • energy flexibility and storage

SRI rating

The result of the smart-ready services assessment is aggregated into an overall SRI score, which expresses how close the building is to maximum smart readiness. In addition, specific scores on each of the 3 key functionalities of building smartness are calculated.

Assessment of SRI scores

Assessment of SRI scores