Review of technology assumptions for decarbonisation scenarios

July 2018

Modelling scenarios for development of the energy system is highly dependent on the assumptions. An essential input to any modelling exercise are assumptions about the development of technologies - both in terms of performance and costs. While these assumptions have been traditionally developed by the modelling consultants,  based on a broad and rigorous literature review, the Commission is increasingly seeking a review of these technologies by stakeholders to make them even more robust and representative of the current projects as well as experts’ and stakeholders’ expectations. This is why a dedicated project was launched by the Commission in early 2018 to ensure robustness and representativeness of the technology assumptions in model PRIMES by reaching out to relevant experts, industry representatives and stakeholders, who are in possession of the most recent data in the different sectors. The project run was concluded in July 2018 and its final report (including the finalised technology assumptions) is available here: