The world's first CO2 neutral brewery

The bubbles and foam head in a glass of beer may well be made with carbon dioxide, but what if the beer itself was manufactured without producing CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process?

Soon, sustainable beer might just reach our shop shelves. Göss Brewery, in Austria, is brewing beer in the world's first carbon-neutral brewery.

The brewery runs entirely on renewable energy and it integrates many other sustainable energy technologies. This includes the fact that 40% of the brewery’s heat requirement is met from waste heat discharged from a neighbouring sawmill.

Meanwhile, 90% of the waste heat generated by the brewing process is used to heat water in the brewery, and plant residue left over after brewing is used as a fertiliser.

Göss Brewery is part of the Heineken group. In recent years the beer giant has developed its Brewing a Better World strategy which aims to cut CO2 emissions from its breweries by 40%.

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