A sustainable industrial park in Sweden

One industrial park in Helsingborg on the West coast of Sweden has decided to turn to sustainable energy to create a more sustainable future. Kemira Kemi, a Swedish chemical industry park, launched its "industrial symbiosis" project in 2007 by creating the Industry Park of Sweden.

The main aim of Kemira Kemi and the 20 other companies that make up the industrial park is to save money and create a better environment for the future.

The companies all collaborate on energy, logistics, infrastructure and services. The project uses surplus energy from the Kemira Kemi chemical plant and transfers it to other companies in the park in the form of steam and hot water. Any heat energy left over is transferred to the nearby city.

This industrial symbiosis system reduces waste, costs and emissions, and increases resource efficiency.

The scheme estimates that it avoids emitting around 120 000 tons of CO2 per year, and that the nearby city has avoided emitting 1.6 million tons of CO2 since 2007.

Kemira Kemi is now finding more ways of collaborating with other businesses, local government and with universities.

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