Stress tests: cooperation key for coping with potential gas disruption

EU countries must work together to ensure no household is affected in the event of a winter gas disruption, according to the results of the European Commission's ‘stress tests’.

Stress tests were carried out by 38 European countries. The tests simulated two disruption scenarios: a complete halt in Russian gas imports to the EU and a disruption of Russian gas imports along the Ukrainian transit route.

The Commission also argued that a market-based approach should be the guiding principle for combating supply disruptions. In a functioning market, price signals will attract new gas deliveries and help limit demand. Non-market measures such as the release of strategic stocks, forced fuel switching, and demand curtailment should only be used as a last resort when the market fails.

The stress tests represent the first short-term energy security measure taken under the terms of the European Energy Security Strategy. Its recommendations will accompany other measures from the Strategy designed to improve the EU's security of supply.

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