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Do you want to get up-to-the-minute information on EU energy policy? Then, the brand new Twitter account – @Energy4Europe – is for you. Launched yesterday, @Energy4Europe is the place to go for all the latest EU energy policy news, interesting facts and on-the-button figures.

If you’re keen to know what’s going on, then follow these key hashtags:

  • #EUenergy for breaking EU energy policy news
  • #EnergyUnion for the latest on one of President Jean-Claude Juncker’s top political projects to create a European Energy Union;
  • #EnergyEfficiency for news on the how Europe is driving energy efficiency forward
  • #EnergySecurity for how Europe is working to boost the security of energy supplies
  • and #EU2030 for developments on the EU’s renewable energy, carbon cutting and energy efficiency targets.

Follow us on #Energy4Europe and send any feedback you might have to:

We look forward to seeing you on Twitter!

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