EU rules on notifying nuclear projects to the Commission - give your feedback!

The European Commission is seeking your views on how to improve EU rules on notifying nuclear projects in EU countries to the Commission. Under current rules – Articles 41 to 44 of the Euratom Treaty – the Commission examines nuclear investment projects set to take place in EU countries to check their compatibility with the Euratom Treaty.

Projects which must be notified to the Commission include mining and conversion of uranium ore, production of enriched uranium, manufacturing of nuclear fuel elements, nuclear reactors of all types and for all purposes and other major investment projects in the nuclear field.

However, the current rules can make it difficult for investors to know which projects should be notified, what information should be provided and how they should inform the Commission. Since the entry into force of the rules, new legislation has been adopted on nuclear safety, spent fuel and radioactive waste management and decommissioning, and radiation protection, which will also require the legal framework under Articles 41 to 44 to be updated.

From 2010 to 2014 nuclear investment projects notified to the Commission were worth a total of €36 billion, which included new nuclear power plants, radioactive waste management projects, nuclear power plant refurbishment, decommissioning and uranium mining projects.

The Commission is seeking feedback from stakeholders and EU and non-EU citizens by 25 January 2015.


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Tuesday, 03 November 2015
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