Citizens' Energy Forum: clean energy from the consumer perspective

On 30 May 2017 the Citizens' Energy Forum began in London. Representatives of the European institutions, regional authorities, and regulatory and consumer bodies examined the role of consumers in a competitive, 'smart', energy-efficient and fair energy retail market. The items on the agenda included ways of enabling consumers to make better choices about energy products and services, the development and role of local energy communities, and new technologies people can use to track their consumption, lower their bills, and even generate their own energy.

The participants considered these topics in the context of the European Commission's 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' package of proposals, published in November 2016, which aim to offer consumers in the EU better access to competitive, clean energy markets and more ways of making informed choices about their energy usage. In a final plenary session, the participants also focused on the impact of the Commission's proposed new rules about energy market design on energy pricing, and discuss how lowering entry barriers for new companies to the energy can bring consumers more competition, wider choices, and new energy services.

The annual Citizens' Energy Forum is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with Ofgem, the UK's electricity and gas regulator.

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