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Start date 01/03/2014 - End date 31/08/2016 (Closed)
The project is led and managed by Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda, S.A. (NASUVINSA) in consortium with a Department of the Government of Navarre.The project itself, aims to carry out an integral energy...

European Energy Radio Campaign (EER CAMPAIGN)

Start date 01/10/2008 - End date 30/04/2011 (Closed)
The project foresees a radio campaign called "Dynamo Effect" structured in 30 radio broadcast emitted by a network of 300 radios in seven European countries. Parters will also organize local...

ENNEREG – regions paving way for a sustainable energy Europe (ENNEREG)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 30/04/2013 (Closed)
The 12 partner regions have served pioneers demonstrating how regions of different characteristics can be a key driving force in fulfilling the European 20-20-20 policy goal....

European Network of Information Centres promoting Energy Sustainability and CO2 reduction among local COMmunities (ENESCOM)

Start date 01/06/2010 - End date 30/11/2012 (Closed)
ENESCOM aimed at enhancing the role of local communities in mitigating climate change by creating a common methodology to promote and develop capacity building in energy sustainability and for the...

A network of sustainable ENERGY supporting structures FOR the Covenant of MAYORS (ENERGY FOR MAYORS)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 30/04/2013 (Closed)
The aim of the ENERGY for MAYORS project was to contribute to the successful implementation of the Covenant of Mayors, with a particular focus on Coordinators and Supporters. The project was based...

Sharing urban sustainable energy strategies - promoting the Covenant of Mayors (COME2COM)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 30/04/2012 (Closed)
Come2CoM aimed to promote the Covenant of Mayors within Europe by empowering cities and municipalities to prepare baseline emissions inventories and a Sustainable Energy Action Plans. Large...

Regional Development and Energy Agencies supporting muniCIpaliTY_SEC to jointly become active energy actors in Europe. (CITY_SEC)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 01/05/2013 (Closed)
City_SEC addressed a common need to support local policy makers in order to join the Covenant of Mayors and achieve sustainable energy communities. In this context, the City SEC project involved 8...

Network of small rural communities of energetic neutrality (RURENER)

Start date 01/12/2008 - End date 30/11/2011 (Closed)
RURENER project established a network of small rural communities committed towards energy-neutrality (energy saving and decentralised supply of energy from renewable sources). Fourteen pilot...

Sustainable Energy Communities in Historic URBan Areas (SECHURBA)

Start date 01/09/2008 - End date 28/02/2011 (Closed)
Historic buildings are excluded from the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002/91 and often any new opportunities for sustainable technologies to be included are constrained by legislative...

Co-operation between communities for Energy Action Plans (WISE-PLANS)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 31/12/2007 (Closed)
Four communities from Wales, Italy, Sweden and Spain worked co-operatively towards the objectives of the Europe's Sustainable Development Strategy and its policies for sustainable energy. The aim...